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Mummy and Me - Kids Sweater

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Introducing Labeca’s first Mummy and Me coordinated sweaters. 


This set is both beautiful to wear and practical for play. Whilst never compromising on comfort or that ready-to-wear quality, our Mummy and Me sweaters promise fuss-free and adorable family coordination for any occasion. Our little ones love to dress like their mums, and this matching set is the perfect heart-warming gift for Mother’s Day.


The cotton-blend knit adds a luxurious touch to an everyday outfit, helping mums navigate their daily routine whilst feeling elegant. The lightweight feel and easy crew neck of the unisex mini-me sweater makes it perfect for layering over little ones' outfits so they can lead their own adventures in comfort.


These sweaters are the perfect addition to your collection of comfy knitwear. Featuring alternating ecru and camel stripes with chocolate brown hand-stitched detailing, their timeless design helps you to style memories that will remain fashionable for years to come. 


Browse our Mummy and Me Mums Sweater.

Boy is wearing 3-4 years

Girl is wearing 7-8 years

Sweater measurements:
3-4 years - Height - 44 cm / Shoulder - 27 cm / Arm - 40 cm 
5-6 years - Height - 46 cm / Shoulder - 29 cm / Arm - 42 cm 
7-8 years - Height - 48 cm / Shoulder - 31 cm / Arm - 44 cm 

Colour: Camel & Ecru
50% Cotton, 50% Acrylic
Hand wash cold or dry clean

Product Code: A02


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