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Matching Sets

Matching Sets

Coordinate in style in Labeca’s matching sets

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Juniper Striped Wool Crop Top
2.750,00 TL 2.062,00 TL
Raven Burgundy Marl Mini Skirt
3.000,00 TL 2.250,00 TL

If you are looking to coordinate in style for either working from home or travelling, Labeca has the chic yet comfortable matching sets you seek. We have a range of designs, from our Ecru Wool Tank Top that you can pair with our Ecru Wool Mini Shorts or Ecru Wool Shorts, depending on your desired length, to our Ecru Wool Hoodie and Ecru Wool Joggers if you’re wanting something a little warmer. Our sets enable you to mix and match, building a versatile wardrobe of breathable and lightweight co-ords for whatever the weather. Whether you’re looking for classic zip-up wool cardigans or snug knit hoodies for women, our variety in fabric has you covered. We pride ourselves on our luxurious cashmere matching sets, such as our Charcoal Cashmere Sweater and Charcoal Cashmere Wide Leg Pants or our Oversized Sierra Cashmere Sweater and Sierra Cashmere Joggers. As you can see, Labeca is sure to have the colour for you, from our timeless Black Knit Hoodie and Black Knit Shorts staple, to a more on trend Camel One Sleeve Sweater and Camel Pants combo. Since a shift in lifestyle has proved that the new fashion age is to be all about comfort, Labeca’s matching sets for the modern woman are sure to suit the cosy couture you’re after.

Frequently Asked Questions About Women's Matching Sets

Labeca’s matching sets are a modern take on the 90’s trend, where they were also known as ‘twin sets’ or ‘co-ord sets’. Typically of the loungewear style, matching sets are two clothing pieces in the same fabric, colour or pattern that create a comfortable yet chic all-day outfit. Labeca’s Smoke Grey Matching Set and Ecru Matching Set are the perfect application for a luxuriously casual on-trend vibe.

As two-pieces are essentially two separates made to be worn together, your outfit is already put together for you. They are versatile and easy to style meaning you can add any accessories to make this look truly unique.

This uber-popular fabric is just about everywhere this season. Labeca’s terry towelling or terry cloth, is a 100% cotton material fabric covered in tiny loops of thread designed to be both water absorbent, lightweight and soft to the touch. Durable and versatile, this fabric makes the perfect summer outfit that does not compromise on comfort. See Labeca’s Zig Zag Terry Matching sets for a stylish and refined look you’ll be wearing all summer.

Linen is the ultimate natural fibre with both ethical and functional appeal. Made from flax plant fibres, linen is one of the most biodegradable and environmentally sustainable fabrics to produce, that comes in natural colours including ivory, ecru, tan and grey. Labeca offers 100% linen pieces, such as their lightweight Chocolate Linen co-ord that will dress you for a stylish yet sustainable fashion future.

100% organic cotton is sustainably farmed to reduce harmful environmental impacts. By eliminating the treatment of synthetic pesticides and fertilisers, organic cotton crops promote healthy organic soils that store more carbon. This helps replenish and maintain soil fertility, whilst encouraging biologically diverse agriculture.