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Small habits to transform your lifestyle

By Sophia Lowery


Now that January is over, a lot of our new year's resolutions are going down the drain. However, with these healthy habits there’s no better time to start than right now. We don’t have to completely reinvent the wheel with these lifestyle changes, we just need to adjust tiny habits in order to feel more motivated and productive. The key is to start small. It is important to consider what you actually want to achieve when forming these habits. Do you want to wake up earlier, build a morning routine, exercise more, spend less etc.? From this we can determine what we can adapt in order for the goals to become habits. Let’s live the Labeca lifestyle together! 


Wake up an hour earlier.

This doesn’t mean joining the 5am club. All you need is an extra hour or so to make room for some down-time before your busy day ahead! You could use this time to enjoy your skincare routine, to read for 20 minutes, write in your journal or to make time for a proper breakfast. You will feel brighter for easing yourself into the day instead of dashing around with a half drunk coffee and a single bite of toast as fuel for your morning. Your body clock will soon adjust and you’ll find yourself naturally waking up at this time in future.

Drink a glass of water first thing in the morning.

Rehydrating your body in the morning has many proven benefits. Not only is it great for your skin but it’s also the ideal way to kickstart your cognitive function. You will also find that it will boost your energy levels more than your first cup of coffee might. This is also an effective way to improve your overall water intake for each day, a suggested 2.5 litres a day is the goal. So while your kettle is boiling for your morning coffee or while waiting for your toaster to pop - grab a glass and start the day with a body cleanse. 


Exercise each day.

From mental performance, to physical health - the benefits of exercise are endless. And the simplicity of getting some fresh air has such a positive effect on your day. Exercise doesn’t have to mean training for a marathon or weightlifting for hours on end, it can simply be a wander to your local coffee shop, a 15 minute walk on the treadmill, or a quick jog to the park and back. Exercising doesn’t have to be strenuous. Plan time to go for a stroll, whether that be in your lunch break or before you start your working day. Not only will it clear the cobwebs in your mind but it gets the body moving and releases endorphins to reduce stress. 

If you don’t feel like getting out but know you’d benefit from it, find a way to make it more attractive. Maybe treat yourself to a takeaway coffee to accompany your walk, or you could walk in the direction of a shop to pick up your favourite magazine - find whatever it is that makes you feel more motivated to get up and go!

Build a routine.

Having structure to your day builds a more organised schedule and provides time to complete everything you need to. This can also benefit those who struggle with time management and find that they’re often late or in a rush. Consider what you need to get done each morning, evening and in the day around work. Research shows that the repetition of actions is what builds habits. The more you practise this daily routine, the quicker it will just become a natural part of your day-to-day life. 

Introduce healthier food habits. 

We all say we need to eat healthier, but what does this really mean? Of course, this is something different for everyone. So let’s break it down into a simple goal. Fuel is your focal point. We need to be eating the right amount and the right kinds of foods to fuel our body for the day. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to substitute the foods you enjoy for a plate of vegetables or cutting out carbs altogether; it just means you might want to make more conscious decisions when it comes to your daily diet. Simply find ways of introducing the nutrients you need alongside consuming what makes you happy. What we eat has an immeasurable impact on our mental and physical health, sometimes all it takes are small adjustments to create larger impacts - balance will be your best friend. 

If tomorrow morning you start the day with a glass of water, porridge for breakfast and a 20 minute walk you have already begun the day on a 100% more positive start. The goal is to feel brighter, more productive and motivated for your day ahead. This is how we aim to achieve the Labeca lifestyle! Find ways to alter little things to form healthier habits and become a more proactive version of ourselves.