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Between a delicate femininity and an empowered female form: How Ines Longevial’s geometric faces rework womanhood.

Whilst an undoubtable influence for Labeca London, Ines Longevial’s delicately figurative portraits have also proven to cast a likeable effect on many. Amounting to an abundant 300,000 followers on Instagram and garnering brand collaborations with the likes of Nike, Fred Perry and Urban Outfitters, this Parisian born and based painter has developed a distinct artistic flair that audiences just can’t seem to ignore. From subtly eye-pleasing colour palettes, that just seem to flow paradoxically paired with contrasting harsh lines of geometric design, to expressionless and blank facial expressions that are somehow also emotive and sensual, Longevial’s ability to juxtapose a sensitivity of the female form with a structured arrangement of shape and composition, all the while evoking feeling and a personal sentiment is utterly captivating.

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