Simple, practical and chic


Cashmere poncho is what a woman should have in her wardrobe. Traveling around the world, the two sisters made sure that for a more comfortable movement of women, it is necessary to wear comfortable clothes, and in this regard, they created the images of women’s cashmere poncho. Cashmere poncho looks were created in UK, but are currently going beyond the borders of the country. The poncho is made up of 100% pure material. The irresistible look and material of cashmere poncho will make you feel cozy and warm. Cashmere poncho was created with love and care for a modern woman in today's globalized world. This clothing category will be your partner no matter the place or circumstance anywhere in the world. Sophisticated looks from cashmere poncho will be your new grab-and-go piece.


How to wear Cashmere Poncho?

A poncho can replace a wide range of things: from a stole and a scarf to a warm sweater. Different models of ponchos can be worn both at home and outside. Loose fit, allows you to wear during the day and in the evening, put on blouses or dresses on top. Cashmere poncho goes well with most types of clothing. Most often they wear it with trousers, jeans, leggings.  Kashmir ponchos go well also with turtlenecks, shirts, blouses, jumpers. The choice of  shoes for poncho depends on the season. It can be sandals, shoes, ankle boots or boots, but always with high heels. This provides an opportunity to build a laconic but correct look.


How to wash cashmere poncho?

Our products are made from high quality yarns. Wash in the machine on the "Wool" or "Hand wash dry clean" modes without spinning. Wash separately from other items, use a liquid detergent and dry flat on a flat surface. Poncho customers should purchase special powders or gels for washing cashmere, or alternatively use a delicate baby powder.


Where is Cashmere Fabric Used?

Cashmere is a soft, airy and warm fabric used to create luxury clothing. Cashmere wool contains only natural high quality down. To make real cashmere, the undercoat of a Tibetan goat that lives in the highlands of India, Pakistan, and China is used. Goat down is very light, its fibers are three times thinner than human hair. Plus, it's soft and warm. This is why Cashmere wool is used to make ponchos. Cashmere fabric does not cause an allergic reaction, as what the goats eat affects their wool. Natural undyed wool is white, gray, beige or black. White is the most valuable, because after dyeing it is easy to get pure colors. Cashmere is known all over the world for its beauty, sophistication, softness and airiness. Products made from this yarn do not go out of fashion and are invariably a symbol of wealth and good taste.


in Short, Our simple, practical yet chic ponchos, in a range of colours are the perfect comfort clothing piece you’ll be sure to love all year round. As the ideal pull-over or layering companion, our Cashmere Ponchos and Cashmere Blend Capes for women are your new grab-and-go pieces that are easy to style and are wearable for either day or night. As floaty-fit garments the poncho is a breathable essential for those with comfort in mind. From our light, neutral toned Barley Cashmere Poncho and our classic Grey Cashmere Poncho to our richer in colour Prussian Cashmere Poncho, there is sure to be one that catches your eye. Our cashmere-blend Oatmeal Cape offers something a little different in style with its half-zip and ribbed neckline; these finishing touches create a simple, chic and stylish women’s cape perfect for those frosty winter walks, fresh spring days and breezy summer evenings. As a one size fits all clothing piece, there is no doubt this piece is not for you. Where material loosely floats down to just below your hips, who wouldn’t want an extra-soft cape or poncho to throw-over any outfit? These pieces will keep you not only warm but also looking undoubtedly classy.