Labeca's Guide To London


By Louise Oliphant, Contemporary Art BA (Hons), International Journalism MA


Creating clothes for the travelling, globalised women of today wouldn’t be right without some travelling experience in many parts of the world. From exploring popular tourist sites to the more niche hidden gems of cities and towns, we thought sharing our stories and knowledge from diverse places would be the perfect way to get to know the Labeca team. Since London is the home of Labeca, where our fashion journey lives and grows, we’d like to think our expertise on London coffee shops, clothing boutiques or where to find the best places to wine and dine would be an interesting place to start. And as national lockdown restrictions ease in the UK, we hope our London hot spot recommendations will give you an insight into where to visit next time you’re in London!

Continue reading and you’ll find yourself booking your next day out to the Capital city!


1. The Labeca team couldn’t live without coffee. Where do we love to stop for our daily coffee fix? 


[The Connaught Pâtisserie, The Connaught, Carlos Pl, London W1K 2AL]

Whether you’re starting your day or taking a quick coffee break amongst a busy schedule, we understand how coffee can be that much needed revival. Though, finding that good coffee is a satisfaction we all certainly enjoy, especially when you’re amongst the hustle and bustle of London’s streets. Though, as big as the city is, we’ve managed to discover some of the best coffee spots (our favourites anyway), from across central London to make sure you can get your daily coffee no matter where you find yourself. If we’re in Fitzrovia, for example, near London’s west end, Kiss the Hippo is a great specialty coffee brand serving quality, fresh roasted coffee. Even better, it’s a totally carbon negative coffee company, meaning for every coffee you buy, they offset the carbon they produce to build a climate-saving #KissTheHippoForest all over the world. When finding ourselves in Westminster's Belgravia district, then Café Kitsune is the place to go. Located in the rooftop retreat of Pantechnicon, this Japanese inspired café serves fresh coffee on its picturesque street terrace. For a more luxurious coffee sip, Mayfair homes both Marchesi 1824, an international chain of coffee and pastry boutiques and Hotel Connaught’s Patisserie, where we particularly love their iced coffee drinks during the summer months.


2. Where are our favourite fashion places to shop and explore?